Oslook: Summer fashion on the streets of Oslo

Norwegian summer with its long days and late night sunsets allows us to experiment with typical summer fashion, but we can’t forget that summer in the North does not mean the same as it does in the rest of Europe. Cold breeze from the fjords and relatively many rainy days forces people to be prepared for any weather option. Summer style is not only about what to wear but also where to wear it. Festivals, fairs, picnics, boat trips; there is always a reason to dive straight into your summer wardrobe.

This is a selected collection of our favourite outfits from the Oslo streets. Maybe they will help you to figure out what to get dressed in for the remainder of the warmer weeks and enjoy city life even if the weather takes an unpredictable turn.

Words & photos by Pina Stroynowska and Karolina Halla from Oslook

Sarah & Thea

Oslook / Hja!

Wide-leg pants are coming back into fashion and they are now an alternative for skinny jeans, which has had a hold on our wardrobe choices for way too long. Urban fashion really needed this refreshing comeback of 70’s inspired clothing. Thea and Sara choose high waist pants and crop top for a stylish look with a hint of spice. Sara’s combination of classy wide-leg black pants and Nike Air Force sneakers make the whole look more casual and perfect for any occasion. Both outfits combined with feminine brimmed hat make the outfits match both rainy and sunny days.

Stine & Alma

Oslook / Hja!

Cyclic nature of fashion is evident. Just look at these two girls! Dungarees are again taking over European streets. They come back in all sort of styles: short, full length, wide or skinny. Vintage denim dungarees are those we like the most. Together with sneakers and basic blouse, we get a super sweet and comfy casual look. While wearing dungarees you can almost feel like you are a kid again.


Oslook / Hja!

We like this orange jumpsuit which composes well with Emily’s sun-touched skin. The floaty fabric of the dress contrasts with the heavy boots, and the jumpsuit is finished with a crossover strap for a more sexy look.


Oslook / Hja!

We met Anna during the vintage market at Kulturhuset. She is a great example that less is more. Classic black leather boots, a mini bag and an oversized baggy dress with a striped pattern together make this a modern and simple look perfect to hit the streets in!

Fre & Emma

Oslook / Hja!

Aesthetics of boho style which combines hippie and bohemian pieces is something that catches our eyes with the use of colours, patterns, an extraordinary mix of feminine and relaxed elements. Fre chooses to wear long floaty skirt, loosely hanging layers (which is important during unsettled Norwegian weather) and a printed hair band for a more worldly edge in the look. Together with elements such a canvas bag and wooden jewellery we get complete earthy look.

Emma wears a chamois leather skirt with fringes, which are the major trend of summer 2015. Referring to boho style this fringed suede mini looks just perfect with this basic white t-shirt. The movement and texture of fringes are enough to make the most simple look much more worthy and trendy. We must say fringe is a very versatile element which looks good both in elegant, sophisticated versions and in hippie ones.


Oslook / Hja!

We enjoy Mona’s sporty and comfy look. The combination of an ethnic piece such as her African turban together with a universal denim jacket and a pair of black Nike Rush make this casual look really outstanding.

Felicia Noelle & Sofia

Oslook / Hja!

High waist skinny jeans paired with a crop top are still very popular this season. Crop tops, by the way, are the best way to show a bit of skin but still not freeze to death in crazy Norwegian weather. You can even go one step further by “damaging” your pants, like Sofia did and make as many holes as you like. What we love about Felicia Noelle’s look is how bold it is – a lumberjack shirt plus navy striped blouse plus leather jacket equals “wow”! These two outfits definitely reach urban status.



(Editor: What’s with the pose?)

We met Noman at Oslo Pride Festival. He drew our attention with his sophisticated and at the same time sporty look. His light guilted jacket with amazing pattern designed by Levis makes the biggest effect. Together with a black hat, rings and Nike Stefan Janoski sneakers he put on a very fresh look.

Superstar girls


Michaela and Tessie are experimenting in a different way with their black outfits. Michaela with her little black dress contrasted with military jacket and a snapback on backwards. Tessie on the other hand mixes it wide-leg black trousers and a black tee with denim jacket, fringe bag and Lennon sunglasses. Together they decided to add to their outfits with old school Adidas Superstar sneakers, which returned this season with a bang! The reason of this comeback is a collaboration between Pharrel and Adidas who together created a new collection of Superstar Supercolour in 50 different colour-ways! But still the most classy is the model the girls have chosen – white with black stripes (the best without laces). If you don’t know what we are talking about then you should do your homework and checkout Run DMC. Now!

To wrap it up, there’s so much going on in summer fashion in Oslo. If we have to describe it in two words it would be diversity and freedom. We love how originally people interpretate the actual trends to find their own way to express themselves. And what this summer is all about are comebacks. So relax, be inspired, experiment and wear whatever you want!

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