If you would like to reach a youthful and engaging audience, made up of a wide mix of individuals from in and around Oslo and further afield, Hja! could be a great solution for your company.

Responsive, effective

Hja! is a responsive website, and therefore adapts seamlessly from various desktop screen sizes, to tablet and mobile browsers. This means that no matter where the user is, they will always get an unlimited and easy-to-use experience. Today, this is a critical element for advertisers targeting a multi-device audience.


Our current banner placement is situated in the sidebar of the homepage and every article post (on an alternating basis between advertisers, dependent on the amount of ads). We are very open to discuss other options if so desired. We can also discuss sponsorship opportunities involving the website or at events in Oslo. Just get in touch and we’ll talk.


You can use the contact form here or email [email protected]

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