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Hja! is an exploration of foreign culture and perspective in Oslo, Norway. Through interviews, editorials, art and photography, émigrés and Norwegians share their stories and views of a progressively diverse city. We aim to be impartial while allowing for vivacious and subjective opinion. Although our focus is Oslo, Hja! appeals to anyone interested in creativity, culture, travel and community.


Hja! [hya] — pronounced in such a way that it sounds like you are gasping for breath. Commonly used in conversational speech by Norwegians in order to quickly express general agreement with something. Concern for the speaker’s well-being is usually unnecessary.


“The journalist is unfree, and is conscious of unfreedom, when he is forced to write lies or suppress what seems to him important news: the imaginative writer is unfree when he has to falsify his subjective feelings, which from his point of view are facts. He may distort and caricature reality in order to make his meaning clearer, but he cannot misrepresent the scenery of his own mind: he cannot say with any conviction that he likes what he dislikes, or believes what he disbelieves. If he is forced to do so, the only result is that his creative faculties dry up.” — George Orwell, Books v. Cigarettes


The Hja! team

Tom Lenartowicz
Co-Founder, Editorial & Brand Director

Richard Ashton
Co-Founder & Senior Photographer

Matt Cox
Web Manager

Paul Beaumont
Features Editor

Thomas Refvik


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